There is now clear evidence that childhood nutrition has a lasting effect on many aspects of health.

Children need fresh nutritional food and well balanced meals. This is provided by our centre each day. Each of our meals are appetising and nutritious, and include ingredients from the five food groups, as well as complying with recommended dietary requirements. All our meals reflect the cultural backgrounds and special dietary needs of all the children attending the centre.

Our centre’s trained cook prepares fresh hot and cold meals throughout the day. Our menus are rotated in a four-week system. We have a summer menu for six months, then a winter for the other six months. These menus are evaluated frequently by our cook, educators and families to ensure that all meals provided are appropriate and enjoyed by the children.

Healthy snacks are provided and water is readily available to children throughout the day.

Recommended dietary requirements are followed

  • 7:30 – 8:00am: Breakfast

    9:00am: Morning Tea

    11:30am – 12:00pm: Lunch

    2:30pm Afternoon Tea

    5:00pm: Late afternoon Tea

Physical activity program

Smart Cookies Early Learning Centre believes it is necessary and important to encourage children to be active throughout their day with us. Establishing healthy eating and activity habits from an early age gives children the best chance of leading a healthy life and maintaining a healthy weight. We offer physical activities each day that are based upon the Munch and Move program. Munch and Move activities focus on the development of basic Fundamental Movement Skills for the children. The children are offered activities that include: learning the basics for running, hopping, skipping and jumping combined with fun aerobic style games, coordination activities, ball games and team games

We promote healthy eating and physical activity

Sleep and rest time

We understand children’s needs for sleep and rest vary considerably. We encourage all children to sleep or rest after the morning’s activities and lunch (depending on age). We do not insist upon sleep (quiet activities are provided), nor do we keep awake a child who needs/wants to sleep. Families are required to bring bed linen (a cot sheet set fits well on our beds) for rest time. Families are able to discuss sleep requirements with the room educators. With the babies we ask families to complete a supplementary form that outlines their babies’ specific routine to which we try to adhere to as much as possible.

We have a robust sun protection policy

It is a priority for us to ensure that our parents are kept “in the loop” with their child’s progress. Our Kinderloop app is used to help educators capture and share your child’s special moments throughout the day. By simply downloading Kinderloop to your smart phone, you can stay in touch with your child’s milestones, daily activities and events every day.