We believe that the relationship between children, staff and families is a three way partnership. To build this relationship, educators will endeavour to effectively communicate their child’s daily experiences and development.

We'll keep you up-to-date with your child's daily experiences and development

Our service is committed to an “Open Doors” policy, in which we encourage all families to participate in daily programming of their child’s development. Our service is non bias towards gender, cultures and disabilities and we welcome all families to our centre with a warm and caring environment.

As Early Childhood Educators, we at Smart Cookies lay the foundation for a child’s further learning with the knowledge that our future is in our children’s hands, the educator’s strive to provide the highest quality of care and aim to achieve with families an enhanced understanding of the Accreditation standards. We believe in leading by example and offering the children the opportunity to develop and learn in an accepting, loving, safe and nurturing environment which facilitates to the individual needs of children, understanding that each child and their family are unique.

We value and respect the child’s right to an individualised program to ensure the child is able to grow to full potential and at their own pace. Our enthusiastic educators’ recognise that children learn and explore and discover through play and will positively gain confidence and self esteem through age appropriate experiences.

The service program for ages 1 to 5 years reflects the Early Years Learning Framework. It provides cultural and fun based activities to promote a child’s learning. Our qualified educators link the child’s individual interests and our reflections to the weekly curriculum whilst ensuring that five main development areas are addressed in order to create the leaders of tomorrow.

The Five Main Areas for Development


Children will have a strong sense of identity

Feel safe, secure accepted and respected regardless of culture, or ability. Be listened to and acknowledged.


Children will be connected with, and contribute to, their world

Discovering and being aware of new things, people, cultures and technologies. To be challenged and guided by intentional teaching.


Children will have a strong sense of well-being

Freedom to investigate, explore and learn. Feel valued for who they are right now.

We engage with new technologies


Children will be confident and involved learners

Respecting, listening to and acknowledging others ideas. Learning is a journey.


Children will be effective communicators

Educators at Smart Cookies Early Learning Centre will regularly attend in-service training to update their knowledge on child development, nutrition and safety. Information in home languages will be passed to the families in the parent library.

Nutritional meals will be provided daily with consideration of individual needs and diets and educators will maintain a hygienic environment.

Management implements strategies to promote long-term continuity of care, which minimizes stress for children, their families and staff. Our service values the role of families input into our daily program and creation of our service policies and procedures.